The city has a rising flute player in its midst ... one gets the idea she would have gravitated toward a life of music no matter what instrument it was.
— Jennifer Mulson, The Colorado Springs Gazette
The massive work...reflects much of what makes the [Harvard College Opera] company’s productions so special and unusual: undergraduate students drawn to the arts, regardless of their experience, coming together to feed their passion while working as a team to produce a high-quality opera.
— Juan Siliezar, Harvard Gazette
There are some things we only learn by doing, and performing is one of them. Curating and producing your own show is an ambitious, dangerous, necessary and utterly miraculous thing that every young musician must learn to navigate courageously, responsibly and collaboratively. Jessica Shand’s Nineteen Hertz was a stellar example of what a first foray into cultural production can look like when artists are in charge.
— Claire Chase, Harvard Department of Music Newsletter

Interview with From the Top (2017)

After playing the first movement of the Feld Sonata on Show #343 in 2017, I returned to take part in From the Top’s Note4Note campaign to support young composers and performers of their music. I also shared some thoughts in an interview, which is now available at the link below!